Fall back to Standard Time - a once a year opportunity


This weekend, a unique opportunity awaits if you’ve been trying to create a habit of rising earlier, giving you more time for morning routines. It’s time to “Fall Back” when Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday November 4 at 2am ET.  For many, this means enjoying that elusive and much needed extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning. But it now gets darker earlier starting Sunday evening, as we “gain” the extra hour of light in the morning. 

Returning to standard time is a huge opportunity if you’re trying to arise earlier, since it will be lighter in the morning and easier to awaken,, Consider what will you do with that extra hour, an ideal time for health promoting practices including meditation and yoga.

This year, Instead of using the extra hour to catch up on your sleep, get up at your typical time on Sunday. For example, if you usually awaken at 7:30am, it will actually be 6:30am standard time. If we look at it as “found” time, it means you can rush less, do things that are important to you, and spend more time taking care of yourself. When we feel better, we can take action in the world,

This strategy won’t be effective if you continue to go to sleep at the same time as before the time change, because you’ll be trying to get by on an hour less sleep. Instead, start your evening routine on the earlier side as well. This will be easier over the next few days after the time change, because you’ll also be tired earlier. The change in the time of sunset will also be a cue to your body that it’s time to start winding down.  

It's about progress, not perfection, so do your best and go to sleep closer to your “old” bedtime (before the time change). And instead of sleeping the hour away Sunday morning, use it for something you really enjoy!

Please let me know in the comments if you've implemented this simple practice and how it's impacting your evening and morning routines.