My Number One Tip to Reduce Stress


Yesterday while sitting at the salon, my hairstylist and I got to talking. She asked my for my number one tip to reduce stress.

I took a deep breath, as I often do, and paused. I answered:

My one tip, which anyone can do anytime, anywhere and which happens to be free and is to breathe consciously and deeply

Taking even ONE mindful deep inhale and exhale has positive effects.

  • It connects us with our body in this moment. When stressed, we’re usually caught up in the mind’s fluctuations of worrying, planning or ruminating

  • Breathing gives us a moment to respond, rather than react.

  • Breathing helps us move out of the stress response, and into the rest and relaxation response.

In addition to breathing deeply when you wake up and go to sleep, Set a timer for several times during the day for this practice.

What’s your number one way to reduce stress?

Let me know in the comments below.