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You’re invited to join me for a Free Masterclass

How to be Pain Free and Energized

Wednesday August 21st at 4:30pm PT // 7:30pm ET

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    I’m Marjorie Nass, as a yoga and lifestyle coach for women, I’ve been helping clients get back to doing the things they love for over 18 years. 

    This Masterclass is for you if:

    • You just can’t do activities you love the way you used to, because pain is interfering, your energy is low, or both. 

    • You feel stuck, and can’t enjoy yoga class, working out, walking, hiking, biking or gardening the way you used to. 

    • You find even simple movements like getting up and down, or keeping up with your kids or grandkids is painful, and requires more energy than you have.

    • You want to be able to focus on more important things than your pain

    • You want your life back 

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      “It’s an amazing result, and these are the things that will enable me to take care of the people I love”

      By implementing my Pain Free and Energized System, my client Angie Smith lost more than 20 pounds and her joint pain is hardly noticeable. Her energy is way up, and she no longer needs chiropractic adjustments or massage to manage her pain. Her eczema and skin conditions greatly improved, and her cholesterol went down 100 points.

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      In this Masterclass, you will learn the first step in my Pain Free and Energized system (which you can implement starting immediately) and which won’t cost you anything!

      If you can’t attend live, don’t worry, the recording will be available for a limited time.

      I look forward to seeing you in the Pain Free and Energized Master Class on Wednesday August 21st at 4:30PM PT // 7:30pm ET

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