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San Diego Pain Free & Energized Workshops

May 2019 dates coming soon

Focus: Relieve your Joint Pain and Feel Like Yourself Again

Would you like to enjoy yoga and get back to the things you love?
Is pain interfering with your yoga practice, as well as walking, running, hiking and more?

This workshop is for you if..

  • Does your body ache when getting up and down?

  • Do even small movements cause discomfort?

  • Is your body tight and stiff?

  • Do you dread getting out of bed each morning because you know your body will hurt?

  • Are you hoping that yoga can make you stronger, and improve your balance and flexibility, but find that group classes are difficult because your joints ache?

  • Is it tough to do yoga poses that you once enjoyed?

  • Would you like to feel like yourself once again?

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Joint pain has many causes. Although misalignment of the body can contribute to joint pain, there’s so much more to it! In these transformative workshops you’ll learn the top five ways to be pain free.
AND how to sleep better and have more energy.

You’ll learn:

  • Yoga poses to practice at home.

  • How to make sure your joint pain doesn’t worsen in yoga poses.

  • Steps to increase your energy, which also reduces joint pain.

  • Ways to sleep better and wake up feeling great.

May 2019 Dates Coming Soon!

Later Event: January 18
8th Annual Yoga & Rejuvenation Retreat