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Live pain free & energized

Personalized yoga & lifestyle coaching

Through personalized lifestyle coaching,  you’ll learn that we naturally feel energized, pain free and have an overall upbeat attitude when we’re living life in balance . Understanding the wisdom of our own bodies is key.

If you’re committed to achieving and maintaining your greatest sense of well being and overall health, I can help. I will guide you in both enhancing and sustaining consistency in your lifestyle patterns,  so you become pain free and energized.


A custom experience

What to expect

As your personal guide, I’ll help you design and implement simple steps to markedly improve
how you feel, and set you on your path towards feeling great . Expect to:


Live pain free

Get back to doing the things you love like yoga, walking, running, hiking and simple daily activities.

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Improve your mindset

See your life in a positive light & feel hopeful about your future health and well-being.


Sleep better

Wake up each morning feeling well rested & increase your daily energy levels.


Improve your gut

Enhance your digestion & experience relief from allergies


Free download! 

Your Step by Step guide for a path to wellness


A custom lifestyle program
to fit your needs

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Your personalized program

Get started

Because everyone has different needs, I will work with you on an individualized basis, customizing a sustainable lifestyle program that suits your needs. 

To get started, click the button below and then schedule your complimentary Pain Free and Energized consultation (via phone or FaceTime or Skype audio). 

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