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 More than just a vacation

Private & Group Retreats


Feel like yourself again

Private & Group Retreats 

I offer both private & group retreats each year for those who are looking to relax & rejuvenate and feel pain free & energized. There are two group retreats each year & I offer a maximum of 3 private retreats each year, so if you are interested in a retreat - don’t wait! To inquire about either retreat, book a call with me, so we can see if what type of retreat is right for you.

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January 18-25, 2019 • Costa Rica

Yoga & Wellness Rejuvenation Retreat

You will learn to relieve your joint pain, sleep better and get back to your life. The effects of this retreat are long lasting, as you’ll take home the simple steps to feel great.

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Intimate Experience

Private Retreats

Personalized Private Yoga and Lifestyle Retreats with Marjorie are unforgettable and completely transformative experiences. Marjorie only offers 3 private retreats a year.


JANUARY 18-25, 2019

Eighth Annual Yoga & Wellness Rejuvenation Retreat

at Blue Spirit, Nosara Costa Rica

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I’m Marjorie

Marjorie specializes in helping her clients relieve their joint pain, sleep better, lose weight, and have more energy, so they can get back to their lives.

Born and raised in NYC, she has helped thousands of students over the past 17 years, through her private work, workshops, classes, online programs and international retreats, In 2016, Marjorie fulfilled a lifelong dream to live by the ocean, and moved to La Jolla, California, where she enjoys long walks at the beach with Dempsey, her Golden Retriever.