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Personalized Yoga &
Lifestyle Coaching

For women who want to get back to doing
things they love - pain free & energized

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I’m so glad you’re here,

I’m Marjorie

I specialize in helping women relieve their joint pain, sleep better, and have more energy, so they can get back to their lives.

I believe the body has an inherent ability to heal, and when given the right support, transformation can and does take place. Working with me, you’ll be supported every step of the way, and you’ll feel great so you can get back to enjoying yoga, walking, hiking, running and other activities you love.



Work with me

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Private & Group Retreats

Yoga retreats are a great way to take a step back from your daily life, check in and enjoying an amazing week in paradise with like-minded individuals who are ready to take their wellness to the next level. Are you ready to treat yourself?


1-1 coaching

Personalized Yoga & Lifestyle Coaching

I've helped hundreds of women who have decided to take an important step toward transforming their lives by relieving pain, increasing their energy and getting back to doing things they love.

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Group coaching

Online Group Coaching Program

Would you like to enjoy yoga and get back to the things you love? This intimate, online group coaching program is for women who want to live a fulfilled, energized, pain free life. The next program starts in early September. Register now and receive monthly bonus calls through August!


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    January 18-25, 2020

    Eighth Annual Yoga & Wellness Rejuvenation Retreat

    at Blue Spirit, Nosara Costa Rica

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    Your Commitment to a fulfilling life

    Are you ready to feel pain free & energized?